About Baba Farid Group of Institutions

Baba Farid Group of Institutions (BFGI) runs under the aegis of Baba Farid Vidayak Society founded in 1993 under the encouraging patronage of prominent educationists from India, UK, USA and Canada. The group is being managed by its Chairman Dr. Gurmeet Singh Dhaliwal, an eminent educationist. BFGI aims at providing quality education along with preparing the employable young minds to face the competitive world on all fronts. Lush green BFGI campus, is situated 4 kms.away,from the municipal limits of Bathinda city on Bathinda-Muktsar Road. The campus offers a host of hi-tech ultra modern facilities to ensure good quality & well planned education to its students.

We believe in treading our own path to success and our achievements over the last two decades stand witness to this fact.We continually experimented with educational practices with the passage of time. The inferences drawn from such experiments have widened our exposure in the field of education, leading to the emergence of Baba Farid Group of Institutions as a premier educational group of the country.

Idealistic in pursuit, naturalistic in settings and pragmatic in approach, BFGI emphasizes to correlate theory with practice. For this, industrial visits and live interaction with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives are arranged on regular basis. In addition, teaching methodology has been upgraded by making use of latest technologies like digital smart boards in class rooms and Power Point Presentations. Realizing the responsibility concomitant with being a premier educational institute, research activities have been initiated, laying stress on creativity and innovation. To promote this end, an independent 'Department of Research and Development' has been established.

Education plays an important role in nurturing industry savvy student in a way that he/she is able to survive in era of competition. To build on these aims, Department of Training & Placement has been established to promote in-house training for producing great young Managers, Technocrats and Entrepreneurs. A Skill Development Centre has been established at the campus to promote skills of students.Collaborations with major industries and foreign universities have been made for providing national and international exposure to students.In order to guide the students about career options and to counsel them The Department of Career Guidance & Counselling also has been established in the institute.The real objective of education is to make a student socially and morally aware.The Department of Social Welfare of Group is making efforts in the direction of making society free from social menaces. To instill this spirit amongst students we provide them with projects related to social welfare and further they are rated in the employability scorecard based on their contribution to society.This later becomes the part of their internal assessment.

We at BFGI feel that it is essential to build up a cordial relationship with the students to motivate them and encourage them to bring forth brilliant plans and ideas.For this BFGI is zealously engrossed in the transformation of the whole education system, teaching methodologies and employability concern of students. But the major hurdle in the path is the present curriculum structure of universities. So to eliminate this lacuna, We have already developed a special team on the job for developing the new curriculum for various innovative and traditional courses and marching towards establishing a full-fledged university.


BFGI have major academic collaborations with number of top Universities of the World including University of British Columbia Canada, University of Oslo Norway, Singapore University of Technology & Design Singapore, British Columbia Institute of Technology Canada, Thompson Rivers University Canada, University of Fraser Valley Canada, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay to name the few. BFGI is working closely with these top Universities and Educational Institutions for Research and Development, Faculty Development, Skill Development, Curriculum Development, Student Internships and Student Exchange.


To create a workforce empowered with the necessary and continuous upgraded skills recognized by industry internationally, it becomes imperative to bring industry and academia on common platform. The biggest threat of industry today is the skilled manpower and the biggest threat of academia is placements of the students. So clearly the need of these two stakeholders can only be fulfilled from each other. So recognizing this need, BFGI after its years of research, has created a Unique Industry-Academia Interface model, to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. Below is the link to the model:
Link: Unique Industry Academia Interface Model (PPT Download)
BFGI is taking this model as a pilot project for its upcoming innovative university. We are constantly seeking feedback on this model from experts from Industry, Education, Government Bodies and Skill Sectors.

In order to execute this model BFGI has set a target of collaborating with 100 industries in next one year in the pilot phase and out of which we have already collaborated and signed MOU's with 25 industries. BFGI's goal of establishing corporate collaborations with these multinational companies is to understand and fulfil their long term bottom to top skilled manpower needs, align the courses and curriculum as per the job roles and outcomes defined by industry, engage industry in evaluation and certification of skills of the students, arranging for student internships and apprenticeships in these adopted/collaborated industries and finally getting the trained recourses absorbed and placed in these industries. This unique industry-academia interface model builds sustainable, multidimensional relationships, partnerships that enhance the opportunities for students of BFGI to study, research & be employable in any part of the World and at the same time supports industry in a big way by providing them with job ready resources that can be deployed on work from day 1.

Our major Corporate Collaborations includes collaboration with SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, HP, HCL, Nokia, Kapsons, Trident Group & many more.


In order to execute its Unique Industry-Academia Interface model and to link education with employability, BFGI has collaborated with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India to set up and institutionalize the high end Skill Development Centre at BFGI. NSDC facilitates BFGI for funding in the form of loan, grants etc. for setting up infrastructure including building, live workshops, machinery, equipment and other amenities required for setting up Skill Development Center. Apart from NSDC, BFGI has partnered with different Sector Skills Councils of government of India to seek their support for connecting with Industry, Curriculum Development, Evaluation and Certification and for organizing internships and apprenticeships of the students in their respective sectors. Some of the sector skill councils with which BFGI has partnered include Electronics Sector Skills Council, IT Sector Skills Council (NASSCOM), Agriculture Sector Skills Council, Manufacturing and Capital Goods Skills Council of India, Automotive Sector Skills Council and many more. Our target is to collaborate with almost all the 31 identified sector skills councils and seek their constant support to align our education system to industry requirements.


BFGI’s major Industrial Collaborations includes collaboration with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM), All India Management Association (AIMA), The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) & many more. These collaborations enable BFGI to build relationships with industry and remain updated on the latest trends and technology prevalent in industry.


Considering the current trend of Higher Education system of our Country, Education and Skills are being imparted in isolation to each other. Where education is considered to be the deliverable of Educational Institutions, Skills are being imparted at Skill Development Centre’s and by Training Providers. While this model works well for drop outs and pass outs but when it comes to the students who are pursuing their degrees, they do get the opportunity to educate themselves but fails to acquire the necessary skills due to the lack of opportunities for developing skills while they pursue their degrees. So considering this, BFGI has laid a foundation stone of a high end skill development centre at its campus in association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India, to impart skills to its existing students as per the needs of the industry.

BFGI is the only educational institution of the country to establish such a high end skill development centre at its campus to impart skills to its existing students. NSDC facilitates BFGI for funding in the form of loan, grants etc. for setting up infrastructure including building, live workshops, machinery, equipment and other amenities required for setting up Skill Development Center. For the execution of this Skill Development Centre, apart from NSDC, BFGI has also partnered with different Sector Skills Councils to seek their support for connecting with Industry, Curriculum Development, Evaluation and Certification and for organizing internships and apprenticeships of the students in respective sectors.

BFGI’s high end skill development centre is organized into three stages that are: Demonstration Labs (Machine and Equipment Labs); Real Time Labs (For real time experiential learning by learning, experimenting and innovating on the live machinery); Live Workshops and Service Centre (where students would be working on solving real problems as they would come. Example: Automobile Workshop where students of BFGI would be doing live repairing and maintenance of our vehicles under the supervision of Technicians and Master Trainers.)

In the first stage, i.e demonstration labs, students are exposed to the machines and equipments of their respective fields to build the solid base of the students before they enter into the next stages. During this stage, students would actually learn and explore terminologies and applied fundamentals related to their fields and would experiment on the machines and equipments to set a solid foundation that would actually work as a catalyst in the next stages where they have to perform live operations.

In the second stage i.e Real Time Labs, students implement the knowledge acquired in the stage 1 by working on live projects assigned to the students. They would be able to perform live operations on the live material in the careful supervision of master trainers and experts from Industry that we have hired in Baba Farid Skill Development Centre. The machinery and equipments in these labs would be in working condition so that students learn in real time experiential way rather than working on dummy projects.

In the third stage i.e Live Workshops and Service Centres, wide range of live workshops are being developed ranging from Automobile workshop in association with Automobile Sector Skill Council of India, Electronics workshop in association with Electronic Sector Skill Council of India, Centre of Excellence for Plumbing, Manufacturing and Capital Goods in association with Pluming and Capital Goods Skill Councils of India, Health and Hospitality Labs in association with Health and Hospitality Sector Skill Council of India and many more. Service centres of different companies like LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, Bosch, Carnation etc. are being planned to give complete hands on exposure to our students of different streams. Master trainers and Technicians from the Industry with experience ranging from 5 years to 20 years have been hired under this mission. These master trainers engage students to work on real time projects giving them hands on practical exposure.


Every year number of student’s moves from India to the countries abroad for seeking education, employment and livelihood there. The prior education acquired by these students in their home country is generally not recognized in the migrating countries. So these students generally face problems in searching for employment in those countries due to lack of required skills to work and meet the local needs of those countries. These migrating students eventually become burden for the economy of these developed countries as they struggle to find some suitable jobs there. So considering this, Baba Farid Group of Institutions has started its "School of International Studies" in collaboration with number of foreign Universities. This is a significant move where students who migrate from India to developed countries would be educated, trained and skilled as per the quality standards and skilled manpower needs of those countries before they migrate so that they do not struggle to find jobs in those developed nations upon their migration. These students would be trained on Occupational Standards recognized internationally and certified on the basis of levels of Skills defined by National Skill Qualification Framework.

As a part of School of International Studies BFGI also provides opportunities to its students and faculty for Bilateral Research and Development, Faculty Development, Curriculum Development, Student Exchange, Student Internships, Dual Degree programs, Path Way programs and Distance Learning Programs. BFGI is not only signing the MOU's with the Universities or Educational Institutions of these developed countries but is also signing the MOU's with the Industry as well as Government of all these Countries to ensure the placement of the trained students in the International Market.


Talking about job readiness, employability and 100% placements, lot of efforts have been made to make our technical students employable. However, making the students of other non-technical courses like social science and life science employable and job ready to ensure their 100% placements had always been and is still a big challenge for the country. BFGI came up with the solution to this problem by opening a Competition Wing, where as per the capacity and learning adaptability of the students, they are trained for different job roles and positions starting from clerical positions to the allied services positions. In this newly set up Department, BFGI is preparing the students for various professional state national and global competitions examinations. This not only enhance the knowledge, skills, talents and abilities of our students but also to broaden the horizons and world view of our students in the most relevant, valid and periodically revised and updated curriculum in this Department. A team of committed teachers and specialists of proven merit lend a professional edge to the centre. Teachers guide, motivate, inspire, equip, train, groom and prepare the students for different competition exams like IAS, PCS, all Banking sector competitions, SSC, FCI, PUNSUP and many more. Tests at regular intervals, debates, discussions, presentations, quizzes, role-plays, face to face dialogues, question-answer practices, interaction and peer learning, mock interviews, mock tests are the part of the regular curriculum and actual class-room activities.


BFGI is amongst one of the 100 institutions in India which have been selected by Government of India for setting up E-Governance program in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC) (a Ministry of Communications and Information Technology organization. Under this initiative, 100 engineering colleges have been selected from across the country representing the 100 different districts and BFGI is one of them. The selected colleges are the nodal centres for all e-Gov Campus related activities in that district. This includes working closely with the District Administration, respective State Government, Government of India and various e-Governance Agencies. BFGI is ranked amongst top 7 institutes out of the 100 campuses who have been actively involved in e-gov activities and has highest level of participation in the e-gov projects. BFGI participated and proved its abilities in all the 7 levels of e-gov campus activities that were organized to assess the campuses. At all levels, BFGI participated in all the faculty orientation programs and google hang out sessions, submitted the e-gov campus report, registered its students in the e-gov campus cell, Got a Mission Mode Project(MMP) of e-district for assessment and cleared it, Submitted the understanding report and made presentation on the allocated e-district MMP and finally submitted the interim assessment report on the allocated MMP and cleared all the assessments. Due to all these efforts and performing exceptionally well BFGI was considered in top 7 institutes to execute e-gov activities successfully. BFGI was the only institute from northern India to achieve this milestone.


Guidance and Counselling plays a very significant role in shaping up the future of students. Realizing this need, and taking it as social and moral responsibility, BFGI has created a separate department for Career Guidance and Counselling since 2005. As a part of guidance, BFGI ensures to give proper awareness about the courses that they should chose to build sound career. Students themselves come to us for seeking the guidance and we also conduct seminars for generating awareness amongst students.

As a part of Counselling, BFGI has created an on line portal ( where students can give aptitude test to judge their level and abilities. Based on the outcomes of the aptitude test guidance and counselling cell provide them inputs to select the course that best suits their profile. As a moral responsibility to produce educated citizens, we council every kind of student that may or may not necessarily be a part of BFGI.


With aim to motivate research in the campus, BFGI has established separate Research & Development department to activate research activities in a focused way and to regularly conduct various research activities such as conducting Summits, Conferences, Seminars, FDPs etc. which helps in building the students and faculty for the development of nation. To add on, BFGI has organised several International and National conferences. The BFGI Ph.D. faculty strength today has grown to 60, whereas almost all other academic faculty members are perusing their Ph.D. BFGI is well equipped with state of the art research facilities, research labs, library resources, e-journals (IEEE, ELSEVIER, ASME, ASCE etc.). In order to promote research and development among faculty, BFGI also provides grants for Research Projects, National and International travel grants for paper presentation for its faculty.


BFGI develops an innovative Teaching Methodology which rationalises the Students & Teachers participation in teaching-learning process. In order to achieve its mission of 100% placements, BFGI has adopted this unique teaching methodology where special emphasis is laid down on the live projects to give students hands on practical exposure. Every course has been aligned with these mandatory live projects so that students should actually know the outcomes of the courses they have been taught and the competencies they have acquired from these courses. Industrial visits and live interaction with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives are arranged on regular basis. Teaching methodology has been upgraded by making use of latest technologies like digital smart boards, Google Apps for education (GAFE) etc. in class rooms. BFGI’s motive to adopt new teaching tools/techniques like Quizzes/GD/Debate/Students’ Presentation is to get students full participation in classroom teaching & for their overall personality development


To give hands on exposure to its students, BFGI always encouraged them to work on LIVE PROJECT based assignments. It has been made compulsory for students to work on live project based assignments in each and every semester. BFGI has tied up with number of industries to provide real time assignments to its students and to give them opportunity to research and innovate. In some of the live projects, students also earn from the applications of their projects. These live projects are the part of BFGI teaching methodology and have been inculcated in the existing curriculum. Some of the live projects that students have been involved in most recently are: Organic Farming by Agriculture Students, Bee Keeping project by Agriculture students, Creation of Point to Point based navigation system for Indian Military, Prison Management System(digitalization and automation of district Prison), Queue Management System for District Suvidha Centre, City portal for different cities of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal, Mobile application for e-approval and e-communication, Employment-generation Portal for district, e-transfer(online point based transparent way for filing and tracking govt. Transfers), Conducting surveys in the region for collecting and analysing date by marketing students and many more.


To encourage the dignity of labour among students and reduce financial burden on parents, BFGI has pioneered a unique "Earn While Learn" program. The students get opportunity to earn and also get hands on exposure of the latest trends and technologies through varied variety of projects that includes Agriculture based projects, software development projects, data entry projects to name the few. Students undergo rigorous trainings under the three stages at skill development centre of BFGI. During these three stages, not only the students are equipped with the skills, they also get opportunities to work on some of the real time industry based live projects which help them to earn along with their studies.


Faculty is the back bone of any institution. So it is very important to keep the faculty up to date with latest know how. For this the R&D department of BFGI organizes the Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, Seminars, conferences and Expert Lectures regularly. BFGI also provides the funding opportunities to the faculty who wish to upgrade their knowledge by attending the FDP's in any part of the World. BFGI provides the latest tools and technologies to ensure connectivity of faculty with rest of the world for knowledge updation. Be it a Virtual Satellite Program setup, Webinars, Conferences, Hangouts, Straight Talks or Video Talks through Video Conferencing, we make sure our faculty can yield best out of it. We have been collaborating with companies from all parts of the World to listen to their expert talks.


The real success of an institute lies within the success of its students. Our prime focus has always remained on the overall development of the students through theory and practical inputs. More than the theoretical knowledge, we channelize our efforts towards providing the practical exposure through innovative teaching methodologies coupled with regular industrial visits. To inculcate the practical learning in our students we engage them in research related activities and make live projects a crucial component of their curriculum. We feel satisfied that our initiatives directed towards the overall development of students have been yielding better than expected results. Every year on an average first 10 University merit positions are mostly grabbed by students of BFGI for almost all the courses. BFGI is the only institution in the region to achieve such an outstanding results consistently year on year.


BFGI, in collaboration with AIESEC has started a Global Internship Program for its students where they get an extraordinary opportunity to work for nearly 6 to 8 weeks in more than 100 foreign countries for training or internship. .Making it's Presence in over 113 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization focusing on providing a platform for youth leadership development. Students can go to various countries for their internships with no trouble to gain a ton of knowledge as the accommodation for all of them will be totally free and food will almost be free. With the international exposure given, students get an opportunity to raise their horizon to global standards. BFGI always tries to keep up with the latest ways through which students can be inculcated with innovative study methods and remain globally competitive. Global Internship Program is one such initiative that testaments our abilities to make students globally competitive.

Global internship polishes the students so well that they become multi talented. They come to know about the working cultures & ethics of various countries, get international practical exposure, come to know about different traditions & cultures, Compete with international students and get to know where they stand in real and what all things they need to improve in themselves to become the best.


BFGI consistently takes unique steps to assist the students in expediting their learning and adding value to their personality and confidence to further raise their enthusiasm level to face day to day challenges more effectively. BFGI hosts number of national and international events and conferences to give its students opportunities to explore and present their talent and meet experts from throughout World. One of the benchmark events of BFGI which happens every year in the month of January is the international festival "VIBGYOR". This international festival is the perfect blend of Science, Technology, Management and Creativity with the additive ingredients of entertainment by international celebrities by their heart throbbing performances. The fest offers variety of technical and non technical events for the students of all levels (Secondary, Senior Secondary, College, Diploma, Degree levels etc.). Students from top institutes like IIM's, IIT's, NIT's and from various International Educational Institutions and Universities participate in this international event. Students from countries like Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, China, Brazil, USA and many more participate in this international event. There is a huge gathering of more than 1 lakh people noticed every year in this event.

Apart from VIBGYOR, BFGI also organizes Global Summits and International conferences to bring industry and academia on common platform. This year in 2015, the Global Summit on Industry-Academia interface was organized by BFGI in association with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries for meeting out national goal and priorities of Skill India, Digital India and Make in India. This summit was in line with the campaign "Make In India" launched by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Industry Leaders, CEO's, Experts, Visionaries, Researchers and Top educationists from throughout the world participated in this summit and addressed the key issues, challenges, opportunities and threats related to Education, Skill Development and Employability in India.

Some of the other international conferences organized by BFGI in recent past are two days International Conference on "Crop Productivity & Sustainability" - Shaping the Future (March 20-21, 2014), three days International Conference on Information and Mathematical Sciences (Oct. 24-26, 2013), Conference on "Trends and Issues in Product and Brand Management" (20, 21 March, 2013), Conference on 'Retailing in India: Opportunities and Challenges' (March 15-16, 2012), Conference on "Major Issues in Post Colonial English Literature" (March 1-2, 2012), two day Conference on latest advancements in Science, Engineering and Research (May 25-26, 2011), two days Conference on 'Strategic Management of Business Development: Issues and Prospects' (April 20-21, 2011), two days Conference on Recent Advancements in Computer Science. (January 21-22, 2011), Conference on "New Dimension in Education for Teacher Educators" (Oct. 19-20, 2010), two days Conference on "Smart Electronic and Engineering Materials" (March 5-6, 2010) and many more.


BFGI in order to make students realize their social responsibilities has established a fullfledged department of social welfare. The department of social welfare is making efforts in the direction of making society free from social menaces. To install this spirit amongst students BFGI provide them with projects related to social welfare. To achieve the predetermined goals, a 'Social Awareness Drive' has been initiated and its entire activities can be understood by dividing into two categories. First, BFGI Social Welfare team organizes seminars for its students to council and generate awareness amongst them on different social welfare themes. Next, these trained and motivated students form clusters and units and adopt the areas where they belong to (native places) and run social awareness campaigns in their respective areas.

There are more than 400 units/clusters of students in place till date to execute this range of social services and each unit has multiple students aligned to it. Based on the practical efforts done by students, BFGI recognizes these Units/Clusters for doing good work in the area of social services and honour them with cash prizes ranging from Rs 51000, Rs 31000 and Rs 21000 respectively every year for their contribution to the society.

Every year is dedicated to an important social and noble theme. Year 2009 to social welfare, 2010 to placements, 2011 to Youth development, 2012 to Live Green, 2013 to Women Empowerment and Year 2014 to Skill Development and 2015 to Technology and Innovation. BFGI has very active Blood Donor Squad of faculty and students where anybody can call and request for the blood in emergency. Volunteers of this squad donate blood as it can save lives and also fulfil the needs of hospitals ranging in 100 km of radius. A free 24 by 7 ambulance service is provided to support people of the region in case of an accident. BFGI also provides Mobile Library Service for the people of its region, the objective of which is to build progressive thinking among the public of the region through constructive literature which would indeed be helpful in building an ideal society. BFGI distributes this literature to the public on no profit and no loss basis.


BFGI campus has five centrally air conditioned and networked libraries with a vast collection of books related to all the courses, which diminishes the restriction of scholars for attaining knowledge from a limited stock of books. The libraries offer traditional and digital resources via browsing interface supported by exceptionally fast internet service. The libraries in BFGI have collection of more than 11,000 titles, 38,000 volumes, 800 journals for all disciplines. BFGI also has subscribed more than 6000 national and international e-journals which also includes IEEE, ELSEVIER, ASME, ASCE etc. The students can access the e-journals in any corner of the campus. Digital library is available for the students and faculty. It enables them to access e-books. The college has got access to J-Gate database. The libraries provide over 48 magazines and as much as 28 national and regional newspapers. BFGI also provides Mobile Library Service for the people of its region, the objective of which is to build progressive thinking among the public of the region through constructive literature which would indeed be helpful in building an ideal society.


To provide good residential comfort and homely environment to the students, BFGI has got separate air conditioned multi-storied hostels for boys and girls. The rooms are well furnished with attached wash rooms. Hostel witnesses a very well structured entertainment rooms equipped with LED's, Projectors and other source of entertainment. Great emphasis is laid on cleanliness, hygienic food, and individual styles. Hostel complexes have several convenience facilities to make student life easier. The sports facilities available in the hostel include indoor and outdoor games. To ensure the fitness of the students, BFGI hostels have fully equipped Gymnasium with latest equipments. 24 hours free internet connectivity through Wi-Fi is provided for the convenience of the students. BFGI also provides round the clock security personnel at the hostel gates to ensure safety of the students as well as CCTV cameras are installed on the hostel gates and different locations in the campus. Library/ Digital Library Facilities are available for students after college hours.


BFGI has mission of providing 100% placement to its students after their completion of education. A concrete planning has been chalked out to realize this ambitious dream. Placement team is working closely with industry to organize placement drives and job fairs to place the students on excellent packages and on the other hand the training and skilling part of the students is taken care by Skill Development Centre which is working on understanding the company's requirements and preparing students accordingly to meet those requirements.


BFGI gives the scholarships of more than Rs 2 crore per annum to its students under the Scholarship policy which is India's one of the largest scholarship scheme. Under this policy scholarships are given to the students in different categories such as meritorious students, students having position in sports & cultural, economically weaker students etc.


Founder & Chairman: Dr. Gurmeet Singh Dhaliwal

Founded In: 1993

Total Employee Strength: 1000+

Total Student Strength: 10,000 +

Industry: Education Management

Total Number of Courses run: 50+

Courses Run:
Engineering, Management, Commerce, Arts, Science, Computers, IT, Humanities, Agriculture and other professional courses

Academic Collaborations:
University of British Columbia, Canada, University of Oslo, Norway, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada, Thompson Rivers University Canada, Singapore University of Technology & Design, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi & many more

Corporate and Industrial Collaborations:
Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, HP, HCL, Nokia & many
Collaborations with Government Bodies: National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC), Electronic Sector Skills Council, IT Sector Skills Council, Manufacturing & Capital Goods Skills Council of India, Automotive Sector Skills Council, Agriculture Sector Skills Council & many more.

Collaborations with Industrial Bodies:

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Address: Baba Farid Group of Institutions,
Bathinda, Punjab - India
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Helpline : 1800-180-2002 (Toll-Free)
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